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More Details About EYSAN
EYSAN was established in 1986 and has been specialized in the supply of knitted fabrics. We compete with innovation adding value to our textiles
. We offer diversity of products, serve with prompt reaction and committed ourselves to on-time delivery. Eysan Fabrics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. Since then, we have been devoted to knitted fabric production for more than 20 years. In the highly competitive market, we have increased our market share by providing a variety of sample designs or ODM services.

The emphasis on high quality of bulk fabric has always been our primary concern. Our tentative service earns us a high reputation among name-brand customers around the world. With the spirit of "dignity and creation", we contribute ourselves to serving customers and maintaining long-term partnership.

a. WEFT KNITTED FABRICS : nylon/spandex fabrics, polyester/spandex fabrics, LYCRA fiber fabrics, single & doubt knits, singe & double jacquard knits, feeder & engineering yarn dyed stripe fabrics, wicking fabrics, functional fabrics

b. WAPR KNITTED FABRICS : Tricot fabrics for sportswear, tricot/spandex for swim wear, sportswear and underwear

a: Filaments : TACTEL fiber, Microlon (ecological and nature friendly spun dyed polyamide microfibre), micro polyester, high twist yarn, Coolplus, FineCOOL, viscose, cationic yarn, lurex yarn
b: Yarns : TENCEL, LENZING MODAL, Pima cotton, polyester/cotton blended, cotton/polyester blended, rayon, polyester/rayon blended, fancy yarn.